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Our goal is to create a custom MUSICAL IMAGE for our clients that will increase the EFFECTIVENESS of their advertising message. Clients win because when used correctly, their new ADvantage MUSIC jingle will bring dramatic results.

Improve Advertising Effectiveness

 ADvantage MUSIC uses nationally recognized producers, specializing in the production of custom-written musical images using national talent for local advertisers. As a leading musical image production company, ADvantage MUSIC offers a program that will dramatically increase the sales revenues of your business.

The producers at ADvantage MUSIC have created advertising for many national advertisers such as GE, Coca Cola, True Value and McDonalds. ADvantage MUSIC national writers, producers and vocalists give local businesses like yours the image needed to compete in today’s crowded marketplace.

Branding...Jingle Branding

 JINGLE BRANDING uses advertising to create consumer expectations, or an emotional tie to a product or service.  When a business tells potential customers what to expect, and their expectations are consistently met, THEY WILL BECOME LOYAL TO A BRAND. IN THIS CASE, A JINGLE BRAND.

The Brain

 Adding a MUSICAL IMAGE to an advertising message is much more than just “sounding better.” It has everything to do with how our brain becomes involved when we listen to music. The human brain absorbs information several ways.

We might see an image and our brain reacts. We might hear a specific sound and our brain reacts. We might read something and again our brain reacts.  But when we hear music, every part of the brain is affected in different ways.

Music and The Brain

 There are eight elements of a song.

          · Beat          · Dynamics          · Melody        · Instruments and Voices

          ·  Pitch        · Rhythm             · Meter           · Harmony

Each of these elements stimulates a different section of the brain, and a musical advertising jingle hits them all. When every part of your brain is stimulated with music, it means you can remember songs you haven’t heard in years.  We learn using music. Sesame Street, Schoolhouse Rock and many other children’s programs rely on music as a tool for learning.  So, when we add music to your advertising message, we are stimulating the brain to remember your message and your company.  When a jingle song is used repeatedly, it is our intention to get your company's brand etched into the brains of those who listen.  



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