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ADvantage MUSIC provides two products,



MUSICAL IMAGEAdvantage Music Musical Image Agreement Form

The MUSICAL IMAGE includes a FULL SONG version of your jingle. This 30 second song is original music that contains original lyrics describing your company and the branding message you want consumers to learn. The entire package will include several “mixes” of your song including 15, 30 and 60 second versions.




MUSICAL LOGOAdvantage Music Musical Logo Agreement Form

The MUSICAL LOGO is a name and slogan product. Again, ADvantage MUSIC will create an original tune for your business. The entire package will again include several “mixes” of your song, including 15, 30 and 60 second versions.




The entire ADvantage MUSIC team will be at your disposal to create your new Musical Image. The first step in the creation of your new MUSICAL IMAGE will be the execution of a  MUSICAL IMAGE AGREEMENT. After filling out the agreement and your submission of the down payment of one-half of the purchase price, we will assign a producer from our production team to your project. Within a matter of a couple of days the producer will call to set up the fact finding call.  

The Interview

ADvantage Music - Interview Process

The producer will call you directly to  discuss the direction to take with your jingle. We’ll discuss your business in great detail during our 20 minute phone call.  Questions may include: client demographics, past successes, slogans,  competition, goals, and more. If you don’t currently have a slogan, our producers can develop a catchy slogan for you at no additional charge … all part of what we do to insure the best results for your advertising. Our team will walk you through each question step by step to ensure we’re all on the same page. After all….YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.



The Lyrics

ADvantage Music - Lyrics Process

The next step is writing the words for your new jingle. Our goal is to develop just the right words to build that long term credibility with your brand.  Not a laundry list of services, but just enough information to excite the listener and turn them on to your business, while creating a call to action.

Remember, once the jingle is done, an announcer can provide all the detail of your business in a speaking format….such as location, hours of operation and more. The jingle sets the stage for your message to be received by open ears.  

ADvantage Music - Lyrics Process

Once the lyrics are completed, the producer will send them to you for  approval. You’ll be encouraged to look them over and see that the words accurately describe the brand you are trying to achieve. Many times our clients are surprised to see that the lyrics for their new jingle don’t contain any sentences. The lyrics are just a group of words, when put to music, work the magic of describing their business just the way they want it. When the lyrics are accepted and approved we move to the next  step - music and singing. This is where the FUN begins!              



ADvantage Music - Music Creation Process

The producer writes the music as previously discussed, assembles musicians and singers, goes to the studio,ADvantage Music - Music Creation Process records and presents your new HIT JINGLE to you, for your final approval.



The Media

ADvantage Music - Media Creation Process

After your thumbs up approval, we mix out a series of edits on the jingle, 15, 30 and 60 second lengths, all the same jingle, but in different length formats. This allows your radio or TV station to mix up your spots, and keep things fresh on the air during your advertising  campaigns. 

When the final broadcast edits have been created, and the final balance is paid, we’ll send the  completed mixes out to you for immediate  broadcast.  We will also send the files to any media company you designate, so they can start helping you BRAND YOUR BUSINESS WITH MUSIC.



"XXX" = Vocals        "---" = Instrumental     

                                                    ADvantage Music - Media Creation Process